Are you having issues with your current website?

From 404 pages not found to websites not loading, there are numerous issues which could be affecting your website.

Common websites code errors

  1. 500 – Internal Server Error:  If you see this error it means that your website is asking your hosting server to do something it can’t.  Most times  its a configuration error in one of the main hosting files.
  2. 404 – Not Found:   If you see this error on your website  its telling you that there is  a broken link (missing pages) somewhere  on site. 
  3. 403 – Forbidden: This error is related to file permissions on the website and also website configuration files in the backend. 

Note: To fix these errors contact your hosting provider or a website developer and quote the error. In most cases these errors can be solved in a hour or two.

Website loading issues

Some reasons why your website is slow to load or fail are 

  1. Hosting provider. Sometimes hosting providers have schedule  server maintenance or in extreme cases servers/ website files been hacked.  
  2. Large images been uploaded to website.  No images should be larger then 2MB.  
  3. To many plugins running on your website backend. 
  4. Corrupt plugins and files on the website backend.
  5. Hosting web space exceeded.

Note: To fix these issues contact your hosting provider  or a website developer.

Security issues and certification

Other issues which could affect your website are security and certification.

  1. Webistes can be easily hacked: Always keep your plugins and if your website is run on WordPress or another CMS updated, when patches are relased. Also backup your website regularly.
  2. Pick the right hosting provider:  Do your research and look at reviews. Some hosting providers don’t monitor there servers regulary therefore they are open for hackers to take down your website and compromise your personal details.
  3. Usernames and password:  If your website is run on WordPress or another CMS based system then always have a strong username and password and always change your password regulary.
  4.  SSL Certificate Padlock:  If you don’t have SSL padlock  your at risk. First of all  Google will flag your website in the search results page saying “This website is not secure do you want to proceed?” – Having a SSL padlock installed, will also make it harder for hackers to steal personal information-  To install an SSL padlock speak to your hosting/Domain  provider.



If your website is not running like it should, our website inspection package will help.  With our checklist we will inspect your website from the inside out.

WA Rangers Association Case Study


WA Rangers Association has served Western Australian communities with integrity for over 40 years.

The Committee is made up of Rangers in the industry who volunteer their time to improve the standards of the Ranger Industry across Western Australia.

Unfortunately their prior website was looking tired and had multiple issues affecting its capabilities to function.

Our Solution

After our discovery meeting with the key stakeholders of WA Rangers Association, we came up with our blueprint, which highlighed the root causes of the website functionality and the fix. We also found that new full rebuild was required including finding a new web hosting which suited their needs.

From start to finish we came up with a website which functioned out of the box, helps the Rangers to find information and is fast and reilable.

Key features includes

  • agsdix-sao-wordpress

    Wordpress CMS

  • Web hosting

  • Jobs boards

  • Merchandise shop

  • ~

    Members portal

  • Photo gallery