How to add an Email account

Most hosting providers include an area where you can add multiple Email accounts. Read the following tutorial

1: Login to your cPanel / Control Panel area

All Major web hosting providers such as Crazy Domains, NetRegistry, Digital Pacific and GoDaddy has a cPanel / Control Panel environment.

Login and scroll until you find the Email area.

2: Select Email Account

Select Email Account then click create with cPanel or Account If you have Control Panel.

3: Adding your new email name

If you want to add accounts to your provided email name type it in under the Username option in cPanel or under Email if you have Control Panel. Then add a strong Password or you can generate one by selecting the generate button. Note: Remember your password.

Storage Space: With this option you can select the amount of storage you can have with your new email account (this depends on what type of hosting you have.) For this example keep it at 250 MB

Then make sure you check the” Send a welcome email with instructions to set up a mail client” is selected. This will send an email to help you setting your new email account address with Outlook, Office 365, or other 3rd party email software providers.

Then click on the create button.

4: Setting up email account with your email client

After you clicking on the create button you should be redirected to the Email account page. On this page find your newly created email account.

 With cPanel you should see 3 buttons Check Email, manage and connect devices.

Select connect devices button , the following page will provide you with steps for setting up your email account for Outlook, iOS for iPhone/iPad/iPod and MacOS® and other devices which you want to connect to.

Go through the following steps and you should start sending and receiving emails. If you run into trouble contact your hosting provider and they will guide through the process.

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