Is your website outdated?

When it comes to a website it is important to keep it looking fresh, maintained and up to date. 

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Your website is outdated if

Loading times are slow

When visiting a website  it should take no more than 2 seconds to load.  There is a number of reasons why your website could be slow:

  • Images on your website are not optimized
  • Old plugins running on the backend have not been updated.
  • Website is not developed for smart devices
  • Poor hosting services
  • Website may have been hacked.

Not developed for smart devices

All websites now need to be responsive for smart devices.  If your text is cut off by a picture or you can’t find the About us link on your Iphone , then your website needs to  be redeveloped.  You will lose potential customers and Google will demote sites which are not mobile friendly. 

Old web hosting technology

Recently we redeveloped a website for a client in which their previous web hosting company was using outdated server software.  This caused numerous issues such as navigating file locations, and uploading the new website which was not made for today’s technology.  

Still using Excel tables?

If your website still uses the Excel table technique when lining up content then your website is outdated.

Modern websites now use Bootstrap column and rows.  

Content is not up to date

If you still have content dated back to 2017 users will  not spend any time on your website. Also, Google ranks sites higher if  you keep adding new content.

If you keep adding updates to your social sites like Facebook and LinkedIn you should do the same with your website. 


Hard coded - no CMS

If your website doesn’t use a Content Managment System  then you’re missing out.  We recommend WordPress as – 

  • Its user friendly 
  • Updating websites with new content only takes seconds.  
  • Thousands of plugins to take your website to the next level of user experience. 
  • Security 

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