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Web Design Service

Web design has come a long way since the first websites were published online.   The Art of designing websites is forever changing at a rapid rate.  Designers have to take into account the mediums which websites are displayed for example Tablets, smartphones and PCs. 

 By knowing this at Antunovich Design  we use the latest software and tools to create the most modern up to date websites to help capture the attention of users on the World Wide Web.   



CMS – Content Management System

Most modern websites these days are designed from templates which run off a content management system like WordPress, Joomla or Magento.  These systems are developed to make  website easier to update for both the developer and end user.   

The most popular of these is WordPress which  we recommend and will install.  With WordPress these are 1000 of plugins which will suit most websites. The Content editing area make editing content a breeze. For more information click here to visit official WordPress page.

To view samples of our websites please visit our work page