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Do you need a website Administrator?

If your business, sports club or organization has a website then there is a need to update it on a regular basis. There are many reasons for this

- Hacking & website Security

Websites over time can be compromised if they are not regularly updated with the latest patches, plugins or changing the password.

- Google rankings

Google and other main search engines constantly crawl the web looking for fresh content. If  the website is not updated, Google will rank other websites in front of yours.

- Fresh is best

Just like you when you are buying fresh produce at the local shop, visitors to your website like fresh content to keep them coming back for more. No one likes reading  the same content all the time.

- Website Awareness

To be discovered online, a proper SEO strategy is crucial, but it’s also important to know that you won’t get it perfect the first time. There’s an 80% rule of marketing, where you can get to 80% of achievement, but the other 20% will be spent on reviewing, learning, and adjusting website content.

- Website loading times

Websites can become slow overtime if they  not updated. Some reasons are – large pictures on pages that have not been optimized to load for websites, old plugins, old content and old theme templates. 

- Mobile and tablet optimization

Websites need to be regularly updated to adjust to the constantly changing mobile and tablet environments, so that when you view a website on a different device it will automatically adjust.

Our experince

We have over 8 years of experience administering websites for multiple clients such as WA Rangers Association, 107.3 HFM and Gosnells Hawks Football Club to name a few.

Our process is simple – we will monitor, create backups, send you regular  email reminders  if you need any updates and if you require, give you analytics reports.

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WA Rangers Association Case Study


WA Rangers Association has served Western Australian communities with integrity for over 40 years.

The Committee is made up of Rangers in the industry who volunteer their time to improve the standards of the Ranger Industry across Western Australia.

Unfortunately their prior website was looking tired and had multiple issues affecting its capabilities to function.

Our Solution

After our discovery meeting with the key stakeholders of WA Rangers Association, we came up with our blueprint, which highlighed the root causes of the website functionality and the fix. We also found that new full rebuild was required including finding a new web hosting which suited their needs.

From start to finish we came up with a website which functioned out of the box, helps the Rangers to find information and is fast and reilable.

Key features includes

  • agsdix-sao-wordpress

    Wordpress CMS

  • Web hosting

  • Jobs boards

  • Merchandise shop

  • ~

    Members portal

  • Photo gallery