Website design & Development service

At Antunovich Design we use the latest design principles and software to make your website stand out.

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Wordpress developed websites

All of our websites are developed with WordPress which is the number 1 CMS platform.

We use WordPress because it’s a breeze to use for both developer and end user.

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Responsive websites

When developing websites for our proud clients we make sure that they are responsive for all devices such as tablets, mobiles and PCs.

To make it happen takes time, as we test and double test the websites on all smart devices to make sure that no text or images are cut off, that the site is fast to load and most importantly that the content encourages the reader to respond. 

Smart Phone

Website Redevelopment

If your website is looking old, slow, has missing pages, is error riddled or won’t load at all, then it’s time for a redevelopment. We will make that process simple and have examples of redeveloped websites that have generated great results.
Google and SEO Ready websites

SEO ready for Google

When developing websites for our clients we ensure that they are optimised so that search engines such as Google can home in on them as soon as they are launched.

This includes creating a Google my business page listing your important business details which appear when users key in business names. 

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