Our Website Blueprint Process

Just like building your forever home the need for a blueprint is a must – Its set the foundations for a great website

Customer Identity

The single most important part of the entire website blueprint process. The customer identity answers some of the most challenging questions such as:
  • How your business functions
  • How you are currently targeting customers
  • Who you are

User Deep Dive

The deep dive will help us put the puzzle together to understand the following:
  • How your customers work online
  • How to structure your website
  • How to help convert sales


The website sitemap helps to map out how the website all links together and functions.

Website Scope Works

The scope of works outlines the details of the website project execution. This enable you to have a clear understanding of every milestone which is required from initial design stages through to the launch of the website and beyond.

Budget and timeline

We will provide you with a understanding of the investment amount and the timeline to build your new website and launched to help r you deliver qualified leads and sales.